Which UC Suits You Best?

Unified Communications (UC) is a range of systems, connections and services which improve an organisation’s productivity and collaboration whilst also enabling you to improve efficiency and speed. With a single, streamlined solution, conferencing, calling, messaging, and other useful features, are all unified into a single, easily manageable system, usable from any location. 

After deciding to implement UC, you will need to determine whether you want a premises-based deployment or cloud-based. Your solution must meet your current needs, and prepare you for your future communication needs.

If your phone system is located and managed on-premises, you likely have a PBX (private branch exchange) or KTS (key telephone system). Many on-premises phone systems are based on older, legacy technologies.

Pros of On-Premises UC

  • Typically, you have more control over the system
  • It can be more resilient if you invest in strong infrastructure
  • Impact from inconsistency of internet access can be mitigated
  • Some systems offer a ROI after just a few years and continue to be proficient at what they do for a decade or more
  • 3rd party integration can be at a lower cost and more flexible as it is a single user platform and entirely under your control

Cons of On-Premises UC

  • Upon outright purchase or lease, the larger the organisation, the larger the capex cost for new hardware, rack space, cooling, power and licenses
  • Typically higher installation costs as equipment needs to be installed and staff need to be paid to install it
  • Licensing can be more granular, complex and often inflexible
  • Updating and patching systems can lead to downtime or more out-of-hours maintenance time

Choose an in-house solution if you’d rather control and manage your own UC. We'll help you design a bespoke package and you take it from there. 



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