Once you've got connected, you'll need applications to make the most of your connectivity between your staff and your customers. ProAction Networks suggest a range of complimentary applications which are either directly under the umbrella of Unified Communications or somewhat complimentary to voice and data business communications. 

How Can You Tell Which Is Best?

We will only suggest and support the best of each breed of application. And it's not always clean cut - there are many of each type of application and there will be ones which suit one organisation over another. Sometimes we will suggest functionality, practicality and resilience over form, and sometimes aesthetics may come first.

Host and Access your Business Tools Online

Cloud (a metaphor for 'the internet'!) applications are programs that can be stored in and accessed from the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or your own on-premises server.

Office 365, for example gives you all the good stuff you expect from Office – like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and more – but completely portable and entirely stored securely online. So wherever you or your team are, you’ve the most up to date files and tools at your fingertips.

Our UC-One Communictor account combines all the best bits of Unified Communications in a single application. From your 'hub' you can integrate and share documents from Excel, Word, Powerpoint, easily search emails from preferred contacts in Outlook or Gmail, call from your contacts, share your desktop, drag calls from one device to another, transfer, schedule a conference, boil the kettle and fry and egg!

You can start work at your desk, finish it off on your mobile as you travel to a meeting and swap to a laptop web browser when you get there. You never need to call up to check how work’s getting on; you can see progress in real time for yourself.


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