Hosted Unified Communications

Hosted Telephone systems, as you may expect are hosted off customer premises, which is usually in a datacentre, which usually provides the highly resilient infrastructure to keep all the services running, even when the lights go out. The datacentre will usually incorporate some form of SIP registration server, applications (such as contact centre, unified messaging, collaboration), gateways to the internet or PSTN and any other server roles. Endpoints (client applications or phones) will connect to the services at the datacentre via an internet connection of a private data link between the datacentre and the client's office space.

The essential difference between all this and a cloud solution is that a cloud solution is usually on a shared platform with many other users. In a hosted environment, it is typical for the Unified Communications solution to be built for the sole use of a single business or organisation.

Lastly, a hosted service can be using equipment owned or leased by the customer, or be provided as simply a service. Cloud Unified Communications is always sold as a service.

Highly Available, Highly Resilient

We provide unique, high availability, hosted, voice solutions with strong infrastructure as a single, joined-up solution.

Hosted Unified Communications reduce the requirement for separate legacy phone lines, and can consolidate disparate phone number ranges. It can merge teams, end regular Capex hurdles, record all phone calls so as to prevent unnecessary disagreements, reduce the number of service contracts and bring the company closer together.

Where private connections between the datacentre and the workspaces are provided, no calls or data crosses the public internet and the quality of call is assured. Security can also be assured as all the infrastructure is private and for the sole use of the client.

Hosted systems are generally more adaptable as they do not need to confirm to the rules of a wider audience. The system can adapt to the client's needs, with cross connections into other partner infrastructure, such as customer relationship managers.

The hardware and software is built around the requirements of the client, rather than the client having to adapt to the model of the Cloud Solution.

All recorded calls are held on private equipment and storage only accessible to the client.

In some cases, the client can visit their datacentre rack space, inspect the hardware and understand how it works.


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