PBX or Phone Systems

No matter whether you need mobile, traditional fixed-line, or a Voice over IP system (VoIP), we have the network capability, hardware and service to suit your needs.

Whatever you choose, we have the technical expertise, hardware and network capabilities to enhance your business. We can provide a clear and defined pathway to 21st century Unified Communications, provided either as an outright purchase, lease or as a service.

As an entirely independent company with a strong portfolio of complimentary products and services, we can find the sweet spot for you. Whether a single person, single office, hub and spoke operation or a large company with various different locations, we have a solution which will fit your demands.

Suits You, Sir!

Our scalable solutions incorporate everything you might need from modern business communications:

  • Mobile accounts which can work via an application on a computer or smart device and/or a physical VoIP telephone
  • Smart applications including softphone, presence, instant messaging, name dialling and call history
  • Provide users with their own wired or wireless physical phones as a single endpoint or complimentary to their app
  • Quick and integrated collaboration for all users, including screen sharing, audio and video conferencing and persistent chat
  • Truly integrated solutions which will integrate with existing on-premises PBX and other hosted services, such as Gmail, Office365 or Dropbox
  • Smart, Mobile Contact Centre suite to accompany any or all users
  • All the functionality of a PBX, including pickup groups, speed dials, UCD/hunt groups, DDI routing, group calling, and so onĀ 

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