Recording For Compliance

Regulators within your industry may have specific demands for your telephone services which can be quite a challenge. If your organisation fails to comply with these demands, or indeed legislation, you can find that your organisation is subject to significant financial penalties and damage to an organisation’s reputation - which in turn can affect client confidence.

Each industry often has its own set of requirements, and those demands are regularly growing and changing.

We can help you meet the need for compliance recording. Our voice and data recording solutions enable you to keep a record of all voice communications, to categorise and store that data securely, and comply with strict retention policies which may require that data is accessible for investigation and auditing.

In business, client experience is everything. As such, the quality of service is intrinsic to customer loyalty and company reputation.

In public safety, lives will depend on staff answering calls and gathering accurate information quickly.

Government organisations are required to deliver access to services quickly and easily.

To deliver high-quality service at all times, organisations need to train agents to the right level, and reduce employee churn by keeping those agents engaged. Retaining employees can be key to reducing recruitment and operational costs so it’s important to keep your workforce motivated and feeling valued.

We provide powerful voice and data recording solutions that give you the tools to help you improve skills and moral throughout your organisation by providing a way to monitor quality, assess employee performance, and provide personalised coaching and training.

Call Recording For Compliance In Financial Sectors

Investment banks, hedge funds and private equity companies are more strictly regulated (and policed) than ever before. The penalties for non-compliance can be large. Many regulations in the financial sector mandate automatic recording of telephone calls for that data to be stored for record-keeping. We can help you to achieve regulatory compliance by recording communications from multiple streams and devices and provide secure yet accessible access to recordings. You have the flexibility to retain calls for as long as compliance demands, and then automatically delete them in line with your internal retention policy.

Regulations can vary from nation to nation, and businesses and organisations need to adhere to demands from regulators such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission in the USA, European Securities and Markets Authority in the European Union and the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

Our recording systems enable you to record telephone calls and store trading and business activity. This data can be stored securely so as to comply with retention cycles, when you need to retrieve and when you need to reconstruct events to the satisfaction of auditors.

In order to ensure stored records are protected against modification and tampering, our recording systems integrate easily with networked storage devices to deliver Write Once, Read Many compliance, promulgated by the latest regulations.

To be able to locate recordings and to reconstruct the timeline of a trade is a key element of financial regulations such as CFTC 23.202 which states Daily trading records for swaps. Each swap dealer and major swap participant shall make and keep daily trading records of all swaps it executes, including all documents on which transaction information is originally recorded. Each swap dealer and major swap participant shall ensure that its records include all information necessary to conduct a comprehensive and accurate trade reconstruction for each swap. Each swap dealer and major swap participant shall maintain each transaction record in a manner identifiable and searchable by transaction and counterparty.

Gathering evidence on this basis can be time-consuming and complex. Reviewing trading activity can involve combining evidence from many sources such as fixed-line and mobile phone calls, as well as text messages.

Compliance teams can quickly put together information from multiple sources to create a visual timeline of a trade. All related files are consolidated into one convenient workspace which offers the ability to add notes and replay recordings sequentially and concurrently.

Compliance Recording In Contact Centres

A Contact centre which records telephone calls will often also process credit/debit card transactions and, as a result, that organisation or business must prove that they are protecting sensitive data to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) security standards.

Our PCI Suppression can remove sensitive authentication information by manual or automatic intervention including audio and screen recordings. Both the client and the regulator can be assured that your telephone security is up to scratch.

Government Compliance Recording

Governmental departments and other civil service organisations that record calls and take payments over the telephone will need to comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) standards.

We can ensure your business or organisation stays within both the government and regulatory guidelines and can focus attention on providing services at great value. Staff optimisation features add to our systems being a great choice for any governmental organisation with internal call handling standards to drive high service quality.

Call or contact centres need a simple solution to help resolve disputes and to conduct internal investigations. Putting together all this evidence can be complicated and time-consuming if there are multiple recordings to be reviewed. We address this challenge by enabling incidents to be quickly compiled from multiple sources accompanied with a visual timeline of events and replay all recordings sequentially or concurrently.

Public Safety Compliance

Businesses and organisations working in the public safety sector will likely need to adhere to call handling standards, along with supporting daily, monthly, yearly operations which can provide evidence for legal disclosure and investigations.

Our service gives you advanced, whilst easy-to-use tools to store, retain and retrieve emergency telephone calls as well as communications from public safety workers in the field.

Out-Of-The-Box Resilience And Flexibility

We don't only help you align with regulator or sector compliance. We also provide the resilience and flexibility to help you remain that way.

With automatic failover and in-built monitoring and alerting, we are proven to deliver business continuity by offering the highest levels of reliability and resilience. All this is scalable and easy to integrate with your choice of technologies.

We are already protecting people and businesses in even the most regulated markets.

Unique, Single, Flexible and Cost Effective Call Recording Solution

Call Recording UK VidicodeWhy pay for features you don’t need? Our licensing and modular hardware allows you to choose only what you need to help you achieve compliance.

  • Be able to retrieve and play back recordings quickly and accurately
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) suppression for protection of sensitive data
  • Search the spoken content of calls
  • Event reconstruction to quickly recreate incidents for investigation and disclosure
  • Lock important recordings
  • Use your existing CMS (Content Management System) or a small, portable app to record activity on your device
  • Single solution which provides all the tools you need for smart and simple search and play-back
  • Phonetic search which can retrieve recordings on the basis of spoken words and phrases
  • Ability to reconstruct conversations, incidents or trades to provide effective and accurate visual timelines of events
  • Identify and address staff performance, coaching and training needs which will allow you to optimise your workforce
  • Built-in call search and playback will enable you to automatically record and store telephone conversations and replay them on demand. You can quickly establish what was said, keep an accessible log of telephone calls and other voice communications for record-keeping and compliance, and analyse interactions to assist decision-making. You can search for records based on a broad range of criteria, such as device, extension, external number, DDI number, time and date. Once you have located the information you need, you can easily retrieve the specific telephone calls and listen back on-demand using its built-in player.

Simple Ways To Locate And Play Recorded Calls

Our solutions will automatically record both inbound and outbound telephone calls, alongside other voice communications, then store this data securely so it is easily accessible any time you need it as an easy-to-use and highly dependable recording solution.

Resolve Disputes And Protect Staff

Disputes can frequently arise when one version of events is different from another. We can make it easy to discover who said what in any recorded telephone conversation so as to quickly resolve a complaint and establish protection against liability.

We protect staff and employees from verbal threats and abuse by recording every telephone call and enabling you to share, and compile and the evidence.

Live Voice Assistance

Many staff can listen to a telephone conversation in real time and then replay recorded sections for fact verification with the ability to revert-back to live listening.

An easy user interface gives supervisors, colleagues and managers the flexibility to access a single staff member’s calls, manage teams efficiently and ensure that privacy is maintained through user access permissions.

For any business or organisation that wants to be able to supply evidence for investigation, dispute resolution or liability protection, the ability to demonstrate who said what and when is a powerful asset.

Quantify Recording Suite from Red Box enables you to not only capture recordings from a wide range of sources, but also rapidly locate and review information to accurately reconstruct incidents as they occurred.

Step By Step Reconstruction For Evidence

  • Automatically capture and store voice and data communications reliably and securely
  • Simple and advanced search and retrieve for recordings you need for investigation
  • Depict and recreate events
  • Provide court-admissible and authenticated evidence
  • Establish a visual timeline of events and discussions

We can help you establish investigation and compliance teams to place important recordings that have been captured across multiple communications sources into a single dedicated workspace. Our systems and solutions can allow you to visualise recordings across a timeline which enables you to accurately recreate discussions and events by replaying recordings sequentially and concurrently. Notes and additional details can be added and recordings easily shared for internal and external disclosure.

Our recordings can be authenticated so that all collated evidence is court-admissible.

Gathering Evidence For Public Safety Sector

Organisations which reside within the public safety sector regularly need to gather evidence to reconstruct incidents for analysis and legal disclosure. Those who must respond to emergency telephone calls can often involve many people communicating across a fixed line estate along with cellular and radio networks.

We can make it easy to replay recordings captured over multiple channels, and at the same time. This allows you to piece together incidents to create a visual timeline of events as they took place. This process can be particularly helpful for investigation teams that need to provide evidence for disclosure.

If important communication needs to be retained, call records can be placed into secure data space which provide exemption from a standard retention cycle – so as to be potentially retained indefinitely.

Control and monitor service quality

By recording and retrieving your telephone records, you can highlight to managers the training requirements for individual employees as well as entire departments and teams. Our monitoring and management systems provides as rolls call assessment, reporting and coaching in a single, easy-to-use software application.

• Measure performance in key areas such as call handling and first-call resolution

• Assess performance with scorecards and custom reports that inform training plans

• Raise the bar in every area of service to become more efficient

• Read more about our Workforce Optimisation solutions

• Targeted coaching and training

• A built-in scheduler to automatically (or on-demand) or on a daily, weekly, or monthly-basis, retrieve and listen to calls for pre-selected or random agents.

Stored and recalled calls can be evaluated against custom questions and once a type of improvement is identified, a supervisory coaching session can be established and agent objectives detailed. When an appraised employee logs in, they can review their evaluation and provide notification of when set objectives are achieved.

Provide Examples Of Best Practice

Engagement will push employee performance and increase retention. You can target training to where it matters by providing real examples of how agents have handled calls to demonstrate good practice and better ways to work. With every call recorded, and the smart search and replay capability, it’s easy to retrieve the examples you want.

• Increase the first telephone call resolution of customer queries

• Allow staff the benefit of real-time assistance with their colleagues

• Enable adherence to policies and procedures

• Provide evidence to analyse trends and detect space for improvement

Advanced Phonetic Searches

Finding particular content from a huge range of calls can involve a lot of time and effort. If you need to demonstrate best practice or inform an internal quality audit this could also require reviewing lots of recordings. Our ability to phonetically search records means you need just minutes to identify perfect examples of calls required. This powerful application searches the spoken content of recordings for key words or phrases to pinpoint and retrieve communications to support training and coaching.


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