Managed Internet

Managed internet access from ProAction Networks is your company's personal connection to the internet. Our private network infrastructure, with internationally placed data centres and multiple carriers, means a fast, reliable and secure service, from any device. We are completely independent and work with a number of carriers and ISPs to provide a tailored serviceĀ for an individual solution.

Upgrade and Take Control

Our fully managed internet options are perfect for businesses making the change from traditional ADSL services, those which need faster upload and download speeds or a more reliable service. We can ensure prioritisation and Quality of Service (QoS) to protect essential traffic over non-business traffic. What's more, our managed internet service provides the reassurance of high resilience and security, whilst offering cost-effective, expandable connections able to adapt to the future of your organisation.

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • High speed connectivity across a range of bandwidth and latency
  • Prioritisation and QoS to protect essential business traffic
  • High resilience and security
  • Flexible bandwidth options
  • Unlimited data
  • Fast fault response
  • Wide Area and Private network options available

Your Options

The following options are the most common types of managed point to point data connections. We try to overcome issues with local infrastructure and provide cost competition by having direct access to a variety of service providers, including Openreach, Virgin Media and Verizon.

10/20/30 Mbps Leased Lines

Local Point-To-Point Internet

No contention - no slow downs

Capacity and cost adjusts with your needs

Managed or unmanaged options.

100 Mbps Leased Lines

Local Point-To-Point Internet

No contention - no slow downs

High capacity connection for a large site.

VPN and MPLS options available to connect sites.

Managed or unmanaged options.

Gigabit Leased Lines

LAN Speed Internet and Site to Site Connectivity

Extreme high capacity for large sites.

VPN and MPLS options available.

Managed or unmanaged options.

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