Business Broadband

Whether you're only just starting your digital journey, growing your company's internet usage, or looking for flexibility in your digitally-reliant enterprise, we can offer you safe, dependable and scalable business broadband to suit your needs.

We are completely independent and have direct relationships with all the key providers.

Having internationally placed datacentres, and utilising multiple carriers, means ProAction Networks is best able to provide your business with the most resilient and cost-effective network service. With its reliability and security, as well as its range of bandwidths and speeds, our Business Broadband is designed to meet both your company's current and future demands.

We can assure business continuity through careful planning, comprehensive testing & monitoring and, when required, overlapping the new service with the old.

Some key advantages of our business broadband are:

  • Independent business internet does not compete with consumer traffic
  • Lower contention ratio, so you're not competing against all and sundry
  • Flexible, tailored network
  • Unlimited data
  • Fast fault response
  • 24-7 Monitoring from our Network Operations Centre
  • Full install and managed service available


Key Differences


Up to 4Mbps faster than ADSL

98% UK Coverage

Up to 12Mpbs Downstream

Unlimited Data


Similar to ADSL2 but faster!

Improved reach from exchange

Better at resisting noise

92% UK Coverage

Up to 24Mpbs downstream

Unlimited data

Fibre VDSL

Very quick and very cheap!

Copper service from Fibre cabinet

86% UK Coverage

Up to 300Mpbs Downstream

Unlimited Data

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