If you'd like to learn more about your new telephone, meetings, chat or installing Fuze software on your smartphone, tablet or computer, you've come to the right place!

If you're in a hurry, scroll to the bottom for training videos, cheat sheets (QRG) and useful guides. 

Your new desktop telephone has the same features and contact numbers as before. You'll need to setup voicemail and learn a couple of slight changes, but we've tried to make this as seamless as possible so you can quickly move on to all the benefits!

New Telephone Instructions

  • You will be provided with the Quick Reference Card on your desk with all the instructions and details. You can download it here.
  • If you'd like to know what each button does, you can download the button diagram here.
  • All extension and outside numbers are the same (2xx) but internally, please dial a zero first. For example - 214 is now 0214. 299 is now 0299.
  • You don't need to dial 9 for an outside line. Just dial the number like you would from a regular telephone.
  • Always dial the full number. For example - 74040102 is now 0207 404 0102.
  • You'll still get voicemail notifications via email with the recording attached. You'll also see a flashing red light on the phone and a message notification at the top of the display.
  • Your default voicemail PIN is 0102.
  • When you hear "Press £", it means "Press #"

Your new desk telephone is the basis of a new arsenal of communications tools, including:

  • The phone is enhanced to meet modern standards. It has better sound quality and is more powerful when linked to your smartphone or laptop app.
  • You can download a portable softphone to run on your computer, tablet or smartphone to make and answer calls from anywhere.
  • Easily schedule meetings using telephone calls, video conferencing and screen sharing.
  • Speed up workflow with direct or group instant message chats.
  • Collaborate on the fly by turning a chat into a video call, conference or screen share.

Get Started!

If you'd like to learn more about your new telephone, smartphone app, desktop app or how to setup a meeting, you've come to the right place!

If you'd like to learn a lot more about your new telephone or communications app, the full site is here.

A full list of training videos can be found here.

If you're having trouble setting up your audio (through a headset) please take a look here.

Google Chrome, Gmail, Calendar and GDrive

If you're subscribed to google's ecosystem, we suggest installing the Chrome Fuze Extension so your calendar and fuze are working together and you can dial telephone numbers directly from Chrome. We also suggest you connect your Google and Fuze accounts within Fuze Desktop / Settings / Get Connected so that you can have enhanced integration to Google's Gdrive, Contacts and Calendar.

Microsoft Office 365 and One Drive

If you're using Microsoft's cloud 365 service and/or One Drive to store files, we suggest you connect your Fuze Desktop to Microsoft's cloud by going to Settings / Connected Accounts so you can have enhanced integration between Fuze and your Microsoft Office Contacts, Meetings, Calendar and One Drive.

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